Friday, September 16, 2011

Gnome Colour Wheel / Xen's Room

I am stuffing gnomes for the VCON right now and i just discovered i have enought to make a gnome colour wheel! You can get your own gnome still in my etsy shop. I will be posting a special post of the Vampire gnomes soon!

This is part 3 of my new home! Xen's Bedroom! She has the best View which is not shown here unfortunately..but you can see Burnaby Park from here!

This is her kitchen with special ice cream sandwich by My Paper Crane.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, September 09, 2011


We will be at BRONY CON in NY on SEPT 24th!
We just booked the hotel last night and i am super excited to get a vacation in this year!
Oh Yeah so this is all because my husband Jayson got invited to talk at the Brony Con and they were so nice to fly him out here..i am just tagging along for fun! However we get a table there and i am going to bring some of our Eggtart and Musseloom toys along as well to sell there.

Also the next weekend i am going to have a table at VCON which is in the Sheraton Vancouver Airport on Sept.30th, Oct 1 and 2nd.  I got a half table by invitation from someone running it and she thought my gnomes would do well there in the "artists alley section".

Also..just in case you are confused by visiting the cutesypootoys website and it is not there , it is because i decided to cut my costs of running a domain website and just stick with my blog/twitter cuz that's where everyone seems to be going anyway. Still not sure if i am going to renew at Flickr Pro Account either, probably not just going to go back to the free account as well.

This does not mean that i am quitting at all i said this is just a part of changing my path..and yes it is also an expense i no longer think is needed ;D

Okay back to crafting!!

PS i am making a very crafty contribution to My Little Pony right now ;D