Friday, October 21, 2011

House Continued- The Dining Room

 I wanted to make the dining room/living room warm and comfy, and in fall it really comes through the best, with the pumpkins in season and comfy throws and pillows all around! This Table is my absolute favorite thing ever..because it is exactly what i wanted AND it was on sale at Sears for a deal!

This is the window on the wall on the other side ( not shown) we got this from an antique store on Main Street in Vancouver where there are tons of great stained glass that has been salvaged from old houses around town. Most window are in not the best shape but this one was in almost mint shape and i really liked the candles as it went perfect in dining room for cozy dinners. It was our few "splurges" plus we had the glass set inside a new window that you can open from the bottom! 

We also got a new Sofa from Sears and i really love the soft texture, 
plus i just have to show off this cute pillow i bought off Etsy from Nanacompany.

Xen likes the new sofa jump off of...sigh..

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Brianna said...

SOOO clean:)