Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Musseloom Giveaway and more Clearance sale!!

 Remember Musseloom?

Well if you don't know you know him, We only made a very small run of these rare stuffies and this is your chance to get one for a super low price of $10.00!! 

To get the word out i am throwing a Musseloom Giveaway Contest!
If you Twitter,Blog,Facebook or anything about my sale you get entered to win
your own Musseloomand both Eggtarts plus a Tshirt for FREE!!

Make sure to leave a comment here and you get extra entries for every tweet or blog you do.
Oh and make extra sure to leave your EMAIL!!

Contest Ends last day of December. 

PLUS i am lowering my prices on these cute eggtarts to $6!!

PLUS! IF you order more than $10 i will throw in a free cutesypoo tshirt!!

Hurry because quantities are limited to the 2 boxes left in my Garage!
 After that we will be sold out!!


Bunny said...

I tweeted it via my twitter account, PoogieNya. email is kipperbun@gmail.com . I love Musseloom!

Bunny said...

Just want to make sure this got through: tweeted via @PoogieNya. Email is kipper bun@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

TOO CUTE! I shared your sale link on facebook! I bought your scented gnomes at a craft show! Egg tarts rule! PIck me! :D email: psychomoof@yahoo.ca

Stoneth said...

Shared on my Twitter account Stoneth. Addy is stonethmon at gmail dot com. Musseloom is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I sent you a message through your Cartel Shop contact box two nights ago and also tonight. May you please reply to my questions? Also, your cutespootoys.com email address is bouncing back messages. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oh further to my last comment, my email address is ann.long@gmail.com. Thanks!

Binks said...

I love your Eggtarts!
Thank goodness I follow you on Twitter. I Tweeted the giveaway @binkiege.

Richelle said...

They're so adorable! Just wanted to let you know that I blogged about your site :)

My e-mail is vanilla.night@gmail.com

Jannie aka Chickengirl said...

I really want an egg tart!! Just tweeted too :-)
email: jannie at chickengirldesign dot com

shichan said...

Just tweeted: https://twitter.com/#!/shichan_shi/status/136864725387583488
My e mail is: shichan585 AT yahoo DOT it
Thanks! =)

Bonney said...

Absolutely adorable!! Posted on Facebook!

genuine mudpie said...

love the egg tarts! :D and musseloom is too cute!

my email is genuinemudpie AT gmail DOT com

thank you for hosting the giveaway!

mike said...

Those egg tarts are amazing!! Great blog.
My tweet: https://twitter.com/designify/status/139883390873772032

Luli Bunny said...


Anonymous said...

Tweeted couple of times~ ( @DrWhoof ) Email is matt9506(at)gmail.com

Saxm13 said...


Twitter - Saxm13

EEEEEEE!! Soooo cute!!! X3

blog said...

I love all of your toys! Just tweeted under @lotusevents - info (at) gotcraft (dot) com

Lazlo811 said...

Tweeted about this giveaway! Twitter username: @lazlo811

Lazlo811 said...

Blogged!! At itslazlo.tumblr.com ^_____^

Lazlo811 said...

Posted about sale on facebook!! ^.^

Lazlo811 said...

Tweeted about sale again! Twitter username: @lazlo811