Sunday, November 27, 2011

Black Friday to Cyber Monday Free Gift!!

Just a quick post that today and tommorow( cyber monday) i am giving away a free gift of a cutesypoo tshirt with every toy purchase!

This applies to my Etsy and Big Cartel Store!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Shipping for $1 Sale!

I just lowered most of my etsy stuff so that if you buy one toy or book you get the second toy for $1 shipping or in some cases for free!

So check it out and get your gifts early! Plus remember that i am not making anymore so this is the last chance! Seriously..i only have a couple left of some of the gnomes here!

Also you will notice i have some craft books in my etsy because i am  cleaning out some of my vast craft book collection. These are some great books that i have used to make stuff in the past! 

Here is a couple of the ones i put in there and i still have some more to post up soon.

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sickypoo :P

I am writing on this dreary rainy afternoon to report that my birthday weekend of fun is offically cancelled because i am sick. So hopefully i just have to prospone the fun till next weekend..

However i did drag myself out of bed because i want to show a bit of what i have been working on!

It's a small part of my big christmas decorating plan! Since we got the new house , we are having the family over for christmas dinner and i am excited to get the place ready!

So far we got christmas lights half done, i just got garlands and a cute table runner yesterday, and i am currently sewing up the decorations for the new huge christmas tree. I am going to a scandinavian / canadian log cabin feel. Plus the new fireplace is coming this monday ! yeah!

Here is some flikr favs till i can get better :P

1. cross stitch, 2. finnish star, 3. Sovereign Hill, Ballarat, 4. little house ornament, 5. candyland garland, 6. summer baby dress, 7. homemade vanilla ice-cream, 8. Link!, 9. corner of living room, 10. Ticker Tape Mini Quilt, 11. Coco, 12. River Cottage in Spring, 13. Untitled14. Not available15. Not available16. Not available

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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Halloween Fun!

 I never carved a white pumpkin before and i really think it glows way brighter than the one below is the usual orange colour. Jay carved that one! hehee

This was Xen's first ever trick or treating and she really loved it. A little scared at some of the houses but she was even getting good at knocking on the doors and saying trick or treat too. Her expression here really suited the costume...

Ooh and I have some exciting news! My gnomes are now in two shops!

The Grumpy Bert Pop up shop just opened!!
He has pretty well bought up the last of my large size gnomes and a bunch of the eggtarts too!
The shop is really cool as well because it is made from an old shipping container! Looks like all of the shops there are made from them as well. So it makes for an interesting shopping trip!

Second is a familiar shop i have sent her the remainder of my bunny and bear toys!
It is the cute little toy shop called Spielwerk Toys in Portland! So check them out if you can!

This only leaves me a small box worth of the large ones and i still have some small ones in stock but it is getting smaller every week!

Of course i am already excited about the upcoming holidays !! i am excited to decorate the house and the new big tree!!

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