Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Halloween Fun!

 I never carved a white pumpkin before and i really think it glows way brighter than the one below is the usual orange colour. Jay carved that one! hehee

This was Xen's first ever trick or treating and she really loved it. A little scared at some of the houses but she was even getting good at knocking on the doors and saying trick or treat too. Her expression here really suited the costume...

Ooh and I have some exciting news! My gnomes are now in two shops!

The Grumpy Bert Pop up shop just opened!!
He has pretty well bought up the last of my large size gnomes and a bunch of the eggtarts too!
The shop is really cool as well because it is made from an old shipping container! Looks like all of the shops there are made from them as well. So it makes for an interesting shopping trip!

Second is a familiar shop i have sent her the remainder of my bunny and bear toys!
It is the cute little toy shop called Spielwerk Toys in Portland! So check them out if you can!

This only leaves me a small box worth of the large ones and i still have some small ones in stock but it is getting smaller every week!

Of course i am already excited about the upcoming holidays !! i am excited to decorate the house and the new big tree!!

Enter my huge giveaway! ends in Dec!

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