Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sickypoo :P

I am writing on this dreary rainy afternoon to report that my birthday weekend of fun is offically cancelled because i am sick. So hopefully i just have to prospone the fun till next weekend..

However i did drag myself out of bed because i want to show a bit of what i have been working on!

It's a small part of my big christmas decorating plan! Since we got the new house , we are having the family over for christmas dinner and i am excited to get the place ready!

So far we got christmas lights half done, i just got garlands and a cute table runner yesterday, and i am currently sewing up the decorations for the new huge christmas tree. I am going to a scandinavian / canadian log cabin feel. Plus the new fireplace is coming this monday ! yeah!

Here is some flikr favs till i can get better :P

1. cross stitch, 2. finnish star, 3. Sovereign Hill, Ballarat, 4. little house ornament, 5. candyland garland, 6. summer baby dress, 7. homemade vanilla ice-cream, 8. Link!, 9. corner of living room, 10. Ticker Tape Mini Quilt, 11. Coco, 12. River Cottage in Spring, 13. Untitled14. Not available15. Not available16. Not available

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