Thursday, December 15, 2011

Warm and Cozy Christmas

I am happy to say that the tree is up and the living room is fully furnished! 
We ordered the fireplace online because it was difficult to find one to match the house style, 
I finally have a big christmas tree instead of the 3 feet tall kind we had in the townhome!
Xen was a good girl at "helping" putting the ornaments on ..and off! 

Most ornaments were old and ones i made ( see prev post )
One ornament that i had to actually buy from a store was the pinkie pie, pretty on model!
I am starting work on a new storyboard tommorow on My Little Pony, so i will be busy and not blogging much this month. As far as my toys are going i only have a little left in my etsy and my cartel store is still well stocked. 

The other ornaments i bought were from a Cheri Wheeler on etsy who makes 
these cross stitch ornaments, they are all super pretty and very high quality, i can't love these more!!

To complete the comfy home i tried a new bread recipe for Challah Bread. It was a tad under done so i now know to keep it in a bit longer, it is hard when i have to now worry about the fire alarm is so close to the kitchen, i am paranoid of burning anything.. 

Finally the cozy comfy christmas living room is complete!
I took this picture from my "christmas stairs" ( see prev post) 
Now all i have to do is have a big mug of hot chocolate and curl up by the fire.

Hope you all have a Happy Holiday!

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Jolana said...

Your living room looks so nice in this time! J.