Thursday, January 26, 2012

Snow and such

I am happy that the snow is finally melted over here, it actually wasn't that much snow but Xen enjoyed it very much! I have been very productive actually over here on my huge order of gnomes for Grumpy Bert Shop. I have a huge box sitting behind me which i totally planned taking pictures of my last gnome order ever!! camera battery was dead. You will now only be able to buy most of gnomes over at Grumpybert Shop and then when he sells out that is it! 

well i might have a little special gnome for a upcoming art show but not sure about that yet..

Here is some of my current is shaping up to be a banner year again for us i think!

1. Hexie Doll Quilt, 2. My miniature kitchen 1:12, 3. bear snack mat, 4. Bunny skirt, 5. Vintage Mailbox, 6. Christmas Trivet, 7. Zakka Style, 8. My New "Lunch Bag" Purse, 9. IMG_9230, 10. edge, 11. corner of living room, 12. Tiny nest, 13. Vintage Little Red Riding Hood Dress14. Not available15. Not available16. Not available

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

ooshirts review

This morning i was happy to receive my ooshirt in the mail! 
I ordered both one in my size and one for Jayson with the same design. 

It is a new online custom tshirt printing company that is very simple. 
They try to keep the cost of printing shirts to a minimum by having a no ads, no frills approach.
They instead rely on word of mouth so they can focus on running the business. 
Which is why i was happy to do a review for them on my shirts!

I started out uploading my image to the ooshirts website and had no problems figuring it out. It is very straight forward and there is a customer service available if you do need help.
Jay did a cute little gnome design a while back and we decided it was worth trying out.

The quality of both shirts are great! I find it actually better than i expected, because usually custom print tees are thin and cheap quality but both were nice and thick.

The image is very bright and kind of had a glossy texture on top of the shirt.
I can tell they use a digital printer, not silkscreen to cut down the cost which is smart. 
However i think the only thing is i wish it had info on the printing process explained on the website,
most people probably don't really notice that stuff anyway..but i have to criticise something..right?

I must say that ooshirts really does have a good deal for what you pay for.
My cutesypoo tshirts were printed with only one colour because i was limited by the cost of 
each colour but on ooshirts, it is so cheap you don't have to worry about how many colours you have.
This tshirt would only be $24 with free shipping and that is with a full colour option!

Overall i think it's cute !

Sunday, January 01, 2012

My Huge Giveaway winner announcement!

After 2 months the day has come to draw for the winner of my HUGE giveaway!

Thank you to all who entered and to all who tweeted,facebooked or blogged it!

I actually did the draw the old fashioned way with papers in a cup and took pics but they are too blurry, so i will just announce the winner is..

Chicken girl!

Congratulations on winning two eggtarts a musseloom and a cutesypoo tshirt! A lucky start to your 2012!