Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Post Valentines Comforter and New Fabric!

This was a super fast and super rewarding project for Xen. I was just going through my fabrics and wanted to use a bunch up to free space. Soo I came up with this idea to use this Pucca fabric i bought back when i worked on the show. ( plus it was on sale!) and i was going to actually use batting inside but instead i used this ultra soft minky that i had lying around that i had no use for anyway! Yeah two birds with one stone! Xen loves it to bits and it actually helps her at bed time..or i at least hope it does!

Lilies from Valentines Day :D

So what did i do with this new found space in my linen drawer? 
Why fill it up with cute fabrics of course!
This all came from an order from the Etsy Shop Unique Shiny.

I am planning on sewing up some pillow covers with this stash based on these ones.

I am currently sewing up some special toys for a Con that Shmancy is doing based on a comic character.
Maybe next post will have a Sneak Peek!

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Carrie said...

Super cute blanket (and I'm sure it has special lullaby powers... all of our blankets at that age did!). The new fabrics are gorgeous, too!

And I can almost smell those lilies ;)