Saturday, March 24, 2012


We got a rare chance to get away from it Maui! It was a really relaxing plus we stayed in a lovely hotel that had some lovely gardens.

My view for the week.
It was extra nice since it was snowing when i left home ..hehee..

This Duck was a common visitor, there was also a chicken around as well and we kept them well fed:D


Also a sneak peek of what i have been working on since i got back!
It is amazing how a small vacation really charges up your creative batteries! 
I have been addicted to this cross stitch since i started it and am determined to finish it without getting any other projects in the way. The only thing pulling me away is a new job i have doing cute designs for comfy house style slippers. 

Anyhow i hope to frame this in my sewing nook and make it the start of a collection on my wall.

This is my Inspiration..

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