Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Spring is Springing up slowly here is Vancouver, we got a sunny weekend for the first time i can remember this year and we took to the park and had lots of much needed vitamin D.
I took the pic above one day when Xen was looking particularly like a retro girl from one of those cheesy hallmark posters i remember from the 90's. Hehee.

Things are going well with my Embroidery as you can see..I have not done cross stitch since i was a kid but i do remember having a knack for it. I really can't believe it took this long to get back into it! I really love the ability for time for slow down while i work on this piece. 

I have special other news but it will have to wait for another post ;D

1. haru no otozure, 2. Zoofties :: Bunny for Zoe 01, 3. dolls, 4. Butterflies, 5. march's shamrock cake pop, 6. little strawberry, 7. schmuckst├╝ck., 8. new Yummy, 9. wood & wool stool lucia #2, 10. Salad Nap, 11. que chique.... achados da net, 12. Log Cabin MugRug, 13. super circles


Laurraine Yuyama said...

Nice cross-stitch! That is an awfully sweet photo! And thanks for adding me in your mosaic!

I noticed that your main website points back to your old blog. you might want to update the link!

Jocelan Thiessen said...

I just checked out my website because i cancelled it months ago and it is totally still up! but it has ads all over it? ugh gotta get to the bottom of this! :P

thanks for the heads up or i never would have known!