Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cherry Blossoms and Baby Blanket WIP

I love how this vintage style hanging quilt is coming along! I got my hexagon templates in the mail along with the new fabric i ordered from the Sew Deerly Loved Store on Etsy. I wasn't originally planning on making it hexies and embroidered animals but the usual squares i do. However i really like making them and they are super easier than i thought they would be. Plus i can reuse the papers! woohoo!

My Pregnancy is around half way now and i am having a bad week of illness and was in the hospital this weekend with high fever. I have to take some medicine for a week. Ugh it was wierd, i never get really sick, but i have so much help at home i am so lucky, i don't know how moms do it alone when they are fighting illness and taking care of kids.

New Shoes for Xen from Popo.

Japanese Crepes and mango. Xen's fav breakfast!

The best part of my new home is the very old Cherry Blossom Trees lining the streets. Early this week they blossomed. I forgot how short they last because they are already all fallen down due to the rain.:(

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