Thursday, May 31, 2012

It cannot be June already!

Because where did May go?? Sigh and that leaves only 3 months away till baby arrives..
Oh well back to sewing! I have been busy sewing up a piece for an art show which i will post soon, so after i was excited to make this Cute Dala Horse Bunting that i won from Jenny B's Giveaway on her All Sorts blog recently! It was super fast and fun to make and perfect to hang above Xen's Bed!

I was also very excited to FINALLY get my hutch that i was wishing for from a high end store called Farmhouse in Granville Street. Luckily they had a huge sale last weekend and i scored this one for 50% off!! It was exactly what i was looking for and really makes the house more like a home.

Now i have no excuse not to invite everyone over for a nice cup of tea :D

Lastly i just received some new fabric! This one from Lilymaru .

I don't really know what i plan to do with this hexie cheater quilt but something for the baby room..any suggestions??  

I also am closing my Big Cartel Shop and just keeping my etsy store open now.
If you still want my eggtart plush or musseloom there are links on the side under
"other shops that sell my toys"

So hungry..again! Gotta go eat! nom nom!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Springtime Follies

May is a crazy month turns out. With Xen's 3rd Birthday on the 10th, i attempted to make some special treats for the party! This Jar is holding a yummy brew of Rhubarb Limeade that i got off a local craft girl recipe blog called Everybody likes Sandwiches.

The old family recipe for Cornbread is a must for any BBQ!

Aren't these pillowcovers adorable??
I just got them off another local craft girl from Vancouver!
The funny thing is i found her shop off etsy called Rosehip and by coincidence 
she lives only blocks away! 

Happy Birthday Xen Lemon!

ps. That Rainbow dash toy is handmade!! 

Onto the next birthday...sometime this august! Eeeee so sooon....

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Do NOT visit my cutesypootoys website!! Please!!

I just discovered that my cutesypootoys website domain that i cancelled a year ago is currently being used
by a complete stranger who bought the domain name, they are using my exact same website domain but have put ads in it for concert tickets!! GRRR!!!

I have just emailed them , however i talked to Go Daddy and they say i have no ability to take the design off the website, and i am not going to bother getting a lawyer over this..

So i figure he is just using my traffic to get his ads seen, so i am trying my best to get the work out to NOT visit the site and cut down on the traffic to it , then and only then i figure he will not renew the website domain.

At any rate..i am not associated with at all anymore!

ps. Spread the work if you can!



Thursday, May 03, 2012

A Lemon Pillow for Little Lemon

I am feeling a whole bunch better this week! The baby is kicking me back into action so i got the pics in my sewing room up on the wall finally and tidied up the house. It is much more of an accomplishment when you are 6 months pregnant to just vacuum and clean the bathroom...whew!

The weather hopefully will stop raining this weekend as i plan to get a bunch of dirt hauled in to start a veggie garden and for other parts of the house to plant flowers. I am excited to throw the seeds in and see what i get. Not exactly a planned garden but i find those are sort of the best :D

So this is what i was working on the last 3 days! A special Lemon Pillow for my little Lemon!
Originally it was suppose to be a quilt, but with the baby quilt in progress, i decided a pillow was a better way to go. I have never made anything with patchwork before so it was a challenge!

The Letters and Lemon were ironed on with Wonder Under, which was pretty easy once i got the hang of it! All the fabric was from my stash, including the super cute lemon fabric i had for like more than a year! I am happy to finally use it!

 One mistake i made was the i made the pocket for the pillow on the wrong side, ( See below) it should have been on the side with the Xen on it but oh well! It was a first try at pillow making and now i can do it better for the next one!

I think She forgave my mistake! I probably should have waited to give this to her on her birthday next week but i figured she is going to get more presents than she needs that day and today she was a bit sick so i wanted to cheer her up.

Oh and here is my sneak peek at the Girly hexagon baby quilt. Hopefully i get it done before 
the baby comes out!

Have a nice weekend!