Sunday, May 06, 2012

Do NOT visit my cutesypootoys website!! Please!!

I just discovered that my cutesypootoys website domain that i cancelled a year ago is currently being used
by a complete stranger who bought the domain name, they are using my exact same website domain but have put ads in it for concert tickets!! GRRR!!!

I have just emailed them , however i talked to Go Daddy and they say i have no ability to take the design off the website, and i am not going to bother getting a lawyer over this..

So i figure he is just using my traffic to get his ads seen, so i am trying my best to get the work out to NOT visit the site and cut down on the traffic to it , then and only then i figure he will not renew the website domain.

At any rate..i am not associated with at all anymore!

ps. Spread the work if you can!



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