Thursday, May 31, 2012

It cannot be June already!

Because where did May go?? Sigh and that leaves only 3 months away till baby arrives..
Oh well back to sewing! I have been busy sewing up a piece for an art show which i will post soon, so after i was excited to make this Cute Dala Horse Bunting that i won from Jenny B's Giveaway on her All Sorts blog recently! It was super fast and fun to make and perfect to hang above Xen's Bed!

I was also very excited to FINALLY get my hutch that i was wishing for from a high end store called Farmhouse in Granville Street. Luckily they had a huge sale last weekend and i scored this one for 50% off!! It was exactly what i was looking for and really makes the house more like a home.

Now i have no excuse not to invite everyone over for a nice cup of tea :D

Lastly i just received some new fabric! This one from Lilymaru .

I don't really know what i plan to do with this hexie cheater quilt but something for the baby room..any suggestions??  

I also am closing my Big Cartel Shop and just keeping my etsy store open now.
If you still want my eggtart plush or musseloom there are links on the side under
"other shops that sell my toys"

So hungry..again! Gotta go eat! nom nom!

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