Friday, June 08, 2012

Chewburga for the Sew Nerdy Show

I am in the "Sew Nerdy" Art Show at Bear and Bird Gallery this June 29th.
My piece is a bit different than my usual plush entry. I originally was going to make this in a plush 
burger because i  had all the material on hand to make a burger from way back. 
However, i am now into embroidery and wondered if i could do something in my hoop instead. 

I first did a drawing of chewburga in flash. 
Then i just cut out the pieces and stitched it on. 
The background was another scrap piece i had in my stash left over from my winter gnomes and 
was the only piece that seemed to compliment it, although i wish i had a darker blue.

Anyhow if you live in LA some and check out the show!

A corner of the new baby room and a dress i snagged from VV for $4!
I am gearing up now for the baby in all ways, however the question of trying to 
have a VBAC or not is still rolling around my head.. i am so unsure of what 
to decide when you can't predict anything in labour!! 

 I am also selling my homemade stuffing machine on Craigslist!
What a deal! This machine is sooo fast at stuffing and i am selling it 
for a deal because i need the room in the garage. 

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Lindsay said...

How much does a homemade stuffing machine cost? Are there plans available to make your own? I am very interested in having a stuffing machine, but am not making much money right now. May need to start a rainy day fund for a machine like this.