Tuesday, July 31, 2012

You can't beat my Beets!

By far my prize of the garden this year! 
I have never tried to cook the leaves of the beets from the store because they seem so bitter but i 
tried these ones and they were delicious! It was not bitter at all but sweet!

Speaking of Sweets, i tried a new no bake pie with nutella center and it is rich and yummy. 
The Recipe i got is from here on Pinterest, however it had a few changes , as i wanted a more creamy nutella filling i took out the powdered sugar and substituted more cream.

Another pic with Xen enjoying the carrots from the garden. 

As for the baby countdown we are down to 3 weeks and i am more than ready. 
I am working on a baby mat for the crib and one for the stroller as well. However my energy 
is only so much at night and probably going to take forever to finish. Gotta relax while i can anyway!

1. Gentleman Panda, 2. football-2, 3. Be Happy, 4. Play that Funky Music, White Dog!, 5. Kitty Cove, 6. Now all four of my designs are for sale at Urbanoutfitters.com (sorry for another post about them they just added the tissue/toilet cozies today), 7. Cutesypoo_Chewburga, 8. patchwork cushion, 9. "Rushmore" print (Lithograph), 10. silence, 11. Two Happy quilt pattern - freebie from meebie, 12. Giraffe and balloons, 13. Bk_graphite_color14. Not available15. Not available16. Not available

Friday, July 20, 2012

Nesting in style

Isn't this the cutest desk? Craiglist..gotta love it!
Since moving in i have had to share my sewing table with the computer, but ultimately i needed the seperation and so i was not really searching for a desk, but when i saw this on craigslist i just had to have it!

The Desk is old but has been repainted, the scallop part is a drawer as well!

A pic of the sewing nook in a rare clean state.

I am done with my Strawberry Wreath, just need to hang it somewhere..
Onto the next project which is some pillow covers and also need to make a stroller cover because the seat cover is so thin you can feel the bars under it.

This is the new nursery curtains, My mom saved them from my Popo's house and they were the exact same size for the window so i just got a rod from Ikea and strung them up! Circa 1960?

Lastly I got Xen a new bigger bookcase! 
Craiglist again! 
Although the maker is Farmhouse which is the same local designer who i got my 
Corner Hutch Earlier this summer from.
So lovely :D

As for Baby it is July 20th today and the Due date is August 20th! 
Getting really excited to meet her soon!

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Cute Baby Animal Quilt time!

I think this is by far the best quilt i have ever made!
I was hugely inspired by one that NanaCompany did long ago.
 It was also the most work i have ever put into a quilt as well. However the whole thing was a pleasure and i hope the new baby enjoys it!
I am 6 weeks away from due date time and got both baby projects done! 

If you like the embroideries i got them off the net from flickr mostly and pinterest. 
I like how each one just happened to have a bow on it, so i used red on them.
The deer is not an embroidery but from a colour drawing i found, i just turned it into an embroidery.

The hexagons are hand stitched as well using templates from Sew Deerly Loved Etsy Shop
It was my first try doing hexies and i got really addicted! It will not be my last!
I also hand stiched on the border some hearts and half circles and my first try at binding! 

The other project was a baby car seat cover for keeping baby warm in the car seat here. 
I saw the tutorial from pinterest here for one and whipped one up with a cheater quilt and some leftover super soft minky and it only took me an evening to finish off.

 Now that i am done with the baby stuff, i got started on a summer strawberry wreath for myself.
Plus i reorganized my sewing area so i got the computer off my sewing table and onto a small side table. This makes a huge difference and way more room to spread out my sewing stuff!

I just had to include some shots i took of my garden box that Jay built me outside!
It is my first try at the green thumb thing and i think it is going rather well!
We ate zuchinni for dinner last night and it was soo juicy! 

Looking back at this pic i took about 2 weeks ago the garden is already 3 times bigger! 
Thanks to the Rainy June we had! It was a so cold this June that the last one on record this cold was 32 years ago! I was a baby then..Luckily it is finally drying out this week :D