Thursday, July 05, 2012

Cute Baby Animal Quilt time!

I think this is by far the best quilt i have ever made!
I was hugely inspired by one that NanaCompany did long ago.
 It was also the most work i have ever put into a quilt as well. However the whole thing was a pleasure and i hope the new baby enjoys it!
I am 6 weeks away from due date time and got both baby projects done! 

If you like the embroideries i got them off the net from flickr mostly and pinterest. 
I like how each one just happened to have a bow on it, so i used red on them.
The deer is not an embroidery but from a colour drawing i found, i just turned it into an embroidery.

The hexagons are hand stitched as well using templates from Sew Deerly Loved Etsy Shop
It was my first try doing hexies and i got really addicted! It will not be my last!
I also hand stiched on the border some hearts and half circles and my first try at binding! 

The other project was a baby car seat cover for keeping baby warm in the car seat here. 
I saw the tutorial from pinterest here for one and whipped one up with a cheater quilt and some leftover super soft minky and it only took me an evening to finish off.

 Now that i am done with the baby stuff, i got started on a summer strawberry wreath for myself.
Plus i reorganized my sewing area so i got the computer off my sewing table and onto a small side table. This makes a huge difference and way more room to spread out my sewing stuff!

I just had to include some shots i took of my garden box that Jay built me outside!
It is my first try at the green thumb thing and i think it is going rather well!
We ate zuchinni for dinner last night and it was soo juicy! 

Looking back at this pic i took about 2 weeks ago the garden is already 3 times bigger! 
Thanks to the Rainy June we had! It was a so cold this June that the last one on record this cold was 32 years ago! I was a baby then..Luckily it is finally drying out this week :D


Makolina said...

All your works are absolutely beautiful and inspiring!!! Greetings from Poland ;-) Kasia

Sampson and Lorrie said...

Super cute baby quilt; love this embroidery pattern! There must be something about summer andcmaking quilts...we've been blogging about quilt projects a lot lately. Can't wait to see pics of baby!!! 6 weeks is not far away ^_^

~Sampson and Lorrie