Friday, July 20, 2012

Nesting in style

Isn't this the cutest desk? Craiglist..gotta love it!
Since moving in i have had to share my sewing table with the computer, but ultimately i needed the seperation and so i was not really searching for a desk, but when i saw this on craigslist i just had to have it!

The Desk is old but has been repainted, the scallop part is a drawer as well!

A pic of the sewing nook in a rare clean state.

I am done with my Strawberry Wreath, just need to hang it somewhere..
Onto the next project which is some pillow covers and also need to make a stroller cover because the seat cover is so thin you can feel the bars under it.

This is the new nursery curtains, My mom saved them from my Popo's house and they were the exact same size for the window so i just got a rod from Ikea and strung them up! Circa 1960?

Lastly I got Xen a new bigger bookcase! 
Craiglist again! 
Although the maker is Farmhouse which is the same local designer who i got my 
Corner Hutch Earlier this summer from.
So lovely :D

As for Baby it is July 20th today and the Due date is August 20th! 
Getting really excited to meet her soon!


P-nut said...

Maybe your baby will have the same birthday as Mika! She was born August 20th but she was due August 24th. I'm so excited for you guys!

mushroommeadows said...

Great craigslist finds! :D As for the upcoming baby, did you ever decide whether or not you're going to do the VBAC? :)

Jocelan Thiessen said...


Same birthdays would be awesome!
I just hope she is not too late !

Yup i am going to try a VBAC!
However i am doing it at the hospital this time instead of trying at home.