Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Fashion Dreams

I don't know about all of you , but there is only one thing i like about the end of summer and the beginning of Autumn and that is: Fall Fashion. The cinnamon hues and cozy scarfs, the boots and hats..i could go on!

And i will.

I have been thinking lately that the mall is not the place i can go any more to fullfil my fashion needs. In fact i am quite sick of it. First of all i don't wear Polyester. Ever. And the mall is nothing but polyester! Yes sometimes i manage to get something that.
1. Is NOT polyester
2. Fits me.
3. Is my style.

However this almost never happens and also i am sick of buying clothes made overseas ..and it is hard to shop local shops that make clothes as they are way to large for me.

So i am planning to use my local seamstress and have my clothes made for me..i could start to do it myself but after just having a baby, i have no time for anything these days! It is a girl i know that lives not far from me and has helped me sew up some gnomes for large orders in the past. 

If anyone has any dress patterns they like please let me know! I am on the hunt!

Here is a couple of inspirational ones i got so far!

Lastly check out this cute drawing i had commisioned of the family, ponyfied!


Kym Bozarth said...

Very pretty!

Anita said...

Your pics certainly are lovely and all the best with the fall fashion. Here in Australia we are just about half way through spring and it's already pretty warm (in the west anyway).
Cheers, Anita.