Friday, May 31, 2013

Pretty Kitties

I got a request recently for some toys from a friend of mine for her new baby niece.
She was in luck, as i have recently come across 2 unfinished kitty plush i think i packed them up when i moved houses a couple years ago!

Nice to sew something up again, i got the bug and ordered a bunch of fabric off etsy shop Cottonholic (5% to 12% off now!!) yesterday in planning a new quilt from Notes of Sincerity new ice cream quilt pattern.

Would anyone care for this as a pattern on spoonflower? just a thought..

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Party On!

I have gotten a couple requests lately for gnome party hats based on my little paper toys i have on sale in Etsy, so i decided to post them up for sale as well. I think it is a rather cute little activity for the little ones if you have a birthday party or it can just be a fun activity for a rainy day.

As for things on the sewing front, i am happy to say i am sewing up some special stuffed toys for a special order! Pics will be up when they are done!

Gotta show the garden is coming back to life! 

Hope you have some fun this spring..with party hats or not!