Tuesday, June 18, 2013

From Buds to Blossoms.

I went on a fabric binge. Oh yes. The fabric on the bottom is a dress i am getting to be made. 
The other fat quarters are for the ice cream quilt i hope to make! See last blog post for more details.
Things at home seem to be moving in slow motion.
Aeon is now 10 months old, Xen is out of preschool this week..
Am i the only one here that gets nothing done
on a day spent at home when i accomplished nothing for no real reason?
 Well the turtle pool with the kids in it i suppose is a rather large explanation..:D

 The Garden markers are from Etsy Shop Sumiko. Love these!

Lastly i am so happy to announce that i am working on my Eggtart Pattern for my Etsy Shop!
Soon you will be able to make an eggtart for your very own!
Any other patterns you would like from my past toys? I plan to do a few more hopefully!

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